Steam Generator Blueprint

Steam Generator Blueprint

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We used to run the traditional element-in-barrel sterilize design, until we had the water supply shut off unexpectedly. It steamed dry and the element started a fire in the substrate🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒 

We wasted hundreds of dollars on our first sterilizer, only to burn it to pieces. A
fter that we switched to an external boiler and never looked back! 😊😊

Benefits of our steam boiler are: 

  • Can use any size element 👈 
  • Can switch between sterilizing vessels 👈
  • Very fast heat up time 👈
  • Sturdy construction 👈
  • Much safer than the traditional element-in-barrel design 👈
  • Will not rust 👈
  • Extremely energy efficient when insulated 👈

Designed in house at Oak and Spore. These blueprints can be taken to a local stainless fabricator and constructed. 

We have included a low water shutoff switch on ours. The hole for this is not on the plans as you might use a different dimension shutoff switch. The hole can easily be drilled where it's needed.

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The file is a PDF with all dimensions and measurements on it. 

Price is in NZD.  $1NZD = $0.69USD at the time of writing this. Subject to change.

Below is a list of items you need to complete the build. 

📦 Tri clamp bulkhead for heating element and hose -
📦 Tri clamps -
📦 2500w 240v element for countries with 240v -
📦 Bulkhead to 1/2 inch adaptor for silicon steam pipe -
📦 Camlocks for fast release fittings -
📦 Silicon tube for steam pipe -
📦 Braided hose for water inlet -
📦 Stainless float valve -
📦 Triclamp cap -
📦 RTV to make a gasket for the lid -
📦 Petroleum Jelly to ensure the gasket only sticks to the body, not the lid -

We ship all items as fast as we can. Some products might incur a slight delay as we ensure the mycelium is happy, healthy, and fully colonized.

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Danny Parker

Still being built mate

Julian Roth

Steam Generator Blueprint

Meredith Lewis
Steam Generator

First of All. Thank you, as you are most equivocally my hero, Im right where you were 12 months ago. Im moving into a new site at the Department of Industries and fitting out my factory . Im a teacher ( but not for long) as Ive been teaching online for 3 years and after 30 something years, Im done. I love your work and am in awe of your knowledge. Kudos to you!! thanks for being my inspiration and being so kind as to let others fulfill their dreams. May all your dreams and hard work come to fruition.... Following every video closely. Hope to bridge the Gap and travel to NZ again soon and check out your magnificent efforts. All my love to you and your family.. Meredith from Murrumbidgee Gourmet Mushrooms

A very solid steam generator!

The steam generator works very well at our mushrooms farm. We use it to steam many barrels, one after another. Although our engineer made it using thinner materiel.


Are these kits easy to grow?

Yes! All the hard work has been done. The mycelium is fully colonised, and they are ready to grow some tasty mushrooms!

How long do they take to grow?

Generally between 1-2 weeks to get your first crop. They grow very quickly!

How many crops (flushes) will I get?

Generally one or two flushes from a boxed farm, two or three from a commercial farm. There is about a 1-2 week rest period between flushes where the mycelium will just sit and relax for a bit.

Do I need a dark area?

No! Oyster mushrooms actually like some indirect sunlight. So nearby a window is fine, as long as the sun doesn't beam onto them.

Where can I grow them?

The bathroom or kitchen is a great spot for a few reasons. You are often in these areas, so it reminds you to spray them with water. Mushrooms like fresh air, and you often have a window slightly ajar. Mushrooms like indirect light, and these areas often get some sun. And finally, these areas have easy-to-clean surfaces, so you can wipe away any spores.

Is it OK to grow mushrooms inside?

Growing some mushrooms to eat in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry is fine. They will drop some spores if allowed to overgrow, but these can be wiped up with realtive ease.