Mushroom Grain Spawn

Mushroom Grain Spawn


    Oak and Spore Grain Spawn

    Here at Oak and Spore we produce New Zealands top performing Grain Spawn. Our spawn is made in house and contains only hydrated wheat. It is free of contamination and contains top performance mushroom growing strains, often using culture lines we breed ourselves

    Oak & Spore spawn is made especially for mushroom growing enthusiasts, and beginners alike. It will be contamination free, and ready to use. 

    All Oak and Spore spawn is 100% handmade in Canterbury, New Zealand!

    Grain spawn is used to inoculate bulk substrate. It's an integral part of the mushroom growing process. Spawn rates are around 1-3% for steam sterilized medium, or 5-10% for lime sterilized medium.  Ideally you want to open your spawn in front of a flow hood or in a clean area, as to avoid any contamination.

    Q. Is our spawn native
    A. Depending on variety. The main spawn we sell, Italian oyster (P. pulmanarius), is not native, and should never be claimed as a native. Some species such as Hereicum novae-zelandia is a native.

    Q. How big are you spawn bags?
    A. We sell our spawn in 2.5kg (approx) bags. We don't so any smaller than this as it's inefficient. 

    Q. How much substrate will a 2.5kg bag spawn?
    A. about 24 x 3kg or 12x 6kg blocks. 

    Q. Is it ready to ship?
    A. Our Italian is usually ready to ship. Some other species will be delayed as we often make to order. 

    Q. Is your spawn organic?
    A. No, but we use wheat grown right here in Canterbury from a farm down the road. 


    Yes! You simply open the bag/box, spray with water to ensure they don't dry out, and mushrooms will grow!

    Generally between 1-2 weeks. Temperature plays a huge part, so in summer they will grow fast, and in winter they will grow slower. At the Oak and spore farm we crop our mushrooms in 7 days.

    No, mushrooms need some indirect light to grow. The kitchen counter or bathroom counter works great!

    Yes! Harvest the whole bunch, then keep spraying a couple of times a day, and see if you can get a second and third crop.