Italian Oyster Boxed Mushroom Farm
Italian Oyster Boxed Mushroom Farm
Italian Oyster Boxed Mushroom Farm

Italian Oyster Boxed Mushroom Farm

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Enjoy mushroom recipes anytime at the comfort of your home. No need to go to fancy restaurants, just pick some from your homegrown Italian Oyster Boxed Mushroom Farm and do your magic.

Our ready-to-fruit grow kits are cultivated in our sustainable farm in Canterbury. We only use the finest grains and by-products sourced in New Zealand to craft high quality farm blocks that produce fresh, umami-rich gourmet mushrooms.

In three easy steps, you can harvest up to 800 grams of savory, highly nutritious Italian Oyster mushrooms.

Oak & Spore kits are made especially for mushroom lovers, enthusiasts, and beginners alike. This low maintenance farm can thrive in different places and humidity levels. No complex process, no rigorous sterilization needed. Just cut it open, spray some water, wait for a week, and enjoy mushroom goodness anytime, anywhere.


  • Block weight: 3kg

  • Variant: Italian Oyster (Pleurotus pulmonarius)

  • Expected harvest: 800g - 1.4kg (depending on how many times you flush them)

  • Flushes: 1 - 3

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Duanalan Fisher

I recieved the ordered mushroom box promptly. I cut and watered the box as instructed. Mushrooms are now coming through the gap by several inches. I dont yet know how viable buying the box was, as i have not yet consumed any mushrooms. I am assuming that these are all edible mushrooms ?? Cheers, Mr Duanalan Fisher.

Anisha Holford

I like growing the mushrooms, it's so easy to do and following the instructions was really helpful.

Got this as gift, it was great!

We got this as a gift for a family member who likes gardening. He loved it!


Really happy with the way these turned out. At first it took a bit to find the best place in the house for the box, but once we got that sorted they grew really well. Delicious and will be definitely be ordering more!


Are these kits easy to grow?

Yes! All the hard work has been done. The mycelium is fully colonised, and they are ready to grow some tasty mushrooms!

How long do they take to grow?

Generally between 1-2 weeks to get your first crop. They grow very quickly!

How many crops (flushes) will I get?

Generally one or two flushes from a boxed farm, two or three from a commercial farm. There is about a 1-2 week rest period between flushes where the mycelium will just sit and relax for a bit.

Do I need a dark area?

No! Oyster mushrooms actually like some indirect sunlight. So nearby a window is fine, as long as the sun doesn't beam onto them.

Where can I grow them?

The bathroom or kitchen is a great spot for a few reasons. You are often in these areas, so it reminds you to spray them with water. Mushrooms like fresh air, and you often have a window slightly ajar. Mushrooms like indirect light, and these areas often get some sun. And finally, these areas have easy-to-clean surfaces, so you can wipe away any spores.

Is it OK to grow mushrooms inside?

Growing some mushrooms to eat in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry is fine. They will drop some spores if allowed to overgrow, but these can be wiped up with realtive ease.