Are you New Zealand based?

Yes! We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated. We are based in Christchurch. 

Do you ship overseas?

No, at this stage we do not export mushroom cultures or spawn. 

How fresh is the spawn you sell?

Our spawn/plugs are generally made the week it is sent to you. Sometimes we make to order to ensure the spawn/plugs are fresh with strong mycelium.

Where do you source your mycelium?

Oak and Spore has a permit to import and has imported a number of commercial oyster and shiitake strains. Our shaggy and turkey tail cultures are New Zealand strains!

People have said imported mushrooms are bad, is this true?

No. There are competing sellers in New Zealand whose marketing strategy is to tell people that only New Zealand endemic mushrooms are suitable for growing, but this is mis-information. The mushroom industry in New Zealand has been growing for years, with huge commercial entities growing countless tons of imported mushrooms selling them directly to customers at supermarkets. Nearly the entire farming industry in New Zealand grows imported food. Imported varieties of gourmet mushrooms are fun and exciting to grow, and post no threat to New Zealand's ecosystem. The Ministry of Primary Industries has approved all mushroom cultures we grow and sell. 

I purchased spawn, how long can I keep it before using it?

Spawn can last for months in the fridge, although it can start to get tired or move into a later stage of its life cycle. Hobby growers generally won't see a reduction in yields. If you purchase spawn and do not want to use it straight away, put it in the fridge and be sure it doesn't freeze!

What generation are your cultures?

Generally we like to use cultures that are 2-3 generations from the mother culture. This means it's been transferred through 1-2 plates to get to the spawn. It is very fresh!

This being said, most hobby growers wont see a reduction in quality or yield between a 2nd and a 10th generation culture. This can often be used as a bit of a sales gimmick, and hobby growers should focus on other techniques to get larger yields before they are concerned with the culture generation. 

Can you grow psilocybin mushroom species in New Zealand?

No. Mushrooms containing psilocybin are controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 and are completely illegal to possess. This include spores from these types of species. Please do not contact Oak and Spore regarding these species. 

I ordered some mushroom spawn/plugs you don't have in stock, how long will they take to be delivered?

If you order something we don't sell often, like turkey tail plugs, it will generally take 2 weeks to prepare. Shiitake is generally the slowest to colonise, and turkey tail in generally the fastest. 

I want to start a mushroom business, can you help?

Yes! We can provide you commercial quantities of mushroom spawn. If you would like to organise a consultancy then please contact me.