• Tom Brain

Can I Automate my Mushroom Farm?

Can I Automate my mushroom farm with a Raspberry Pi? Well, we will find out! I don't like having a bunch of individual devices each controlling a different aspect of a mushroom fruiting chamber. I would much prefer having a single device which controls everything. We can do this with a Rasberry Pi running home automation software. With this Raspberry Pi I should be able to automate large parts of the mushroom farm, which would then mean I need to intervene less during the growing cycles. The less time I spend adjusting growing conditions, the more time I have to spend on other ventures.

I am waiting on the parts to arrive from the USA, then I will start the build. It will take me a while as I need to teach myself about home automation, but given a few hours I should be able to figure it all out.

If you have any ideas please share!

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