• Tom Brain

DIY LED grow lights for Mushrooms and Microgreens

DIY LED grow lights for mushroom and microgreen growing can be easy to make and preform well. You can make these LED grow lights by buying 5m LED strips and connecting to an power supply such as a Meanwell driver of a PC power supply.

I show you how to connect the LED lights to a PC power supply, and them attach them to my shelving. The PC power supply can replace a Meanwell driver, but take more time to setup. PC power supplys often have a large wattage output and can easily handle the demands of the LED strips.

These LED lights are 14.4w per meter, and were listed at 6500k, but I think the manufacturer mislabeled them and they are in fact more likely around 5000k. I am aiming for 6000 lumens per shelf.

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