• Tom Brain

DIY Mushroom Fruiting Room Controller

I decided I wanted more control over my mushroom fruiting room on my mushroom farm. I did not like having to always walk out to the fruting room to see the conditions in it. So I built an automated fruiting room controller!

With this controller I can view and change the temperature, humidity, and co2 levels within the fruiting room. It's all run from Home Assistant software running on a Raspberry Pi. The controller itself is managed with an ESP32, and an analog to digital converter which looks after my to probes connected to it.

The build took me a long time, as it was a very steep learning curve. I still haven;t been able to get the second channel on my analog to digital receiver working, which means I currently cannot see the temperature inside the fruiting room. Are you good at C++? Think you can help get it working? Let me know!

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