• Tom Brain

How to Get Huge Oyster Mushroom Pinsets

Getting huge Oyster mushroom pinsets shouldn't be a challenge, here's some good advice!

The two things I worry about when getting huge oyster pinsets are humidity, and fresh air (also known as FAE) For oysters it's important the humidity is very high. They will fruit at lower humidity levels, but they fruit might take a while to come in. With a high humidity the substrate will start forming primordia within a day or two of going into the fruiting chamber. Fresh air is also very important, without fresh air the CO2 levels will remain high and it will act as a deterrent for mushroom growth. again they will still fruit with a high CO2, but their fruit bodies will be sub standard. To sum it up you want humidity levels approaching 100%, and you want 5-8 air exchanges per hour.

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