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Mushroom Substrate - Making Easy Oyster Mushroom Bags

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Pleurotus ostreatus has recently been approved for growing in New Zealand. Oak and Spore obtained a culture from another grower and tested this new mushroom out.

I grow on masters mix, which is quite possibly the top performing mushroom substrate you can use for making easy oyster mushroom bags. making perfect mushroom bags with masters mix will give you huge first flush and quality second and third flushes.

To make masters mix you use 50/50 hardwood fuel pellets and soy hull pellets. You can use softwood pellets like I do, but I am guessing the end biological efficiency isn't as good as using hardwood pellets, but it still works great. After you mix 50/50 pellets and soy, you just add water. You want to add about 120% of the pellets weight as water. So if you use 1kg of dry substrate, ass 1.2kg of water. This is by no means a perfect amount, but it works great for me, especially with low pressure sterilizing. If you are using a sealed autoclave you can probably use less water as there will be less evaporation. It takes a week to sterilize and cool, then 3 weeks to colonise, then about a week to fruit. A 5 week turn around, and perfect for small scale mushroom growing.

And did Gabe confirm Half Life 3?

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