• Tom Brain

New Strain Arrivals From the USA

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Received my first Shiitake 3790 strain from the USA. This will be grown out onto logs to produce mushrooms for the markets. 3790 is know to be one of the strongest commercial Shiitake strains. Known for it's huge first flush of high quality mushrooms. I have spread the culture across many petri dishes, and will get it onto grain spawn as soon as I can!

The guys and gals at Fungi Ally helped provided me with the strain, and worked to meet the needs on New Zealand's customs requirements for importing living cultures. Big thanks to them!

Stay tuned to see just how much 3790 can produce.

Purchased from Fungi Ally. If you purchase cultures for import into New Zealand be sure to get a permit from MPI. Importing cultures without a permit is an offence and could land you with a criminal prosecution. https://fungially.com/buy-mushroom-cultures/

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