• Tom Brain

Small Scale Mushroom Farm Setup Costs

How much does it cost to setup a mushroom farm?

That is a question a lot of people ask! Mushroom farming or growing mushrooms for profit is a challenging and exciting business which you can earn a living off. In this video we dive into some of the costs involved with getting setup.

This is by no means exhaustive, but give you a good foundation for all the items and costs involved with starting a basic mushroom farm which can produce you around 30kg of fresh sell-able mushrooms per week.

We look at the costs of the fruiting chamber, which involves humidifier, LED lighting, shelving, and ventilation.

The lab, which involved a laminar flow hood, All American autoclave, impulse sealer, and a few other bits and pieces needed.

The incubation room which covers air conditioning and shelving.

Substrate preparation, which covers substrate bagging and sterilizing.

Post harvest which covers storing your crop.

And finally cost of good sold, how much each block is going to cost you to make.

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