• Tom Brain

The Easiest And Most Amusing Way of Making Grain Spawn

This is the easiest and most amusing way to make grain spawn. It involves simply measuring out 1 kg of grain and 500ml of water straight into an autoclavable bag, then sterilizing it.

The benefits of making grain spawn this way is that there is no need for long hours spent preparing the grain. The grain sucks up the water as it's sterilized, then afterwards it's shaken up to distribute the wet grain evenly.

I have found this method to be the fastest possible, and results in low contaminations. If you are using a pressure cooker which vents gas at it sterilizes, you will need to use slightly more water. With the amount I use I get zero condensation on the walls of the bag while it's in incubation. Water tends to condensate on the bag as the mycelium heats the centre of the bag up hotter than the incubation room, causing moisture to gather on the inside of the bag. With this measurement it prevents this from happening.

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