Shiitake Big Boy Blocks. These guys weigh in between 2-3kg, and will produce solid mushrooms for months! Made with Oak, the wood breaks down slower extending the time the block will give you fruit. 

These things produce HUGE mushrooms!

The Lentinula Edodes, aka Shiitkake, mushroom is a superfood and in scientific testing in Japan has shown it can increase the white blood cell count during cancer treatment!

These will need to be birthed into a shotgun fruiting chamber.


To fruit this block you will need:

- A large upright sistema container or similar plastic container

- A small bag of perlite (available from our online store)

- A drill to cut some holes in the container

Please check the mushroom growing guides on our website on how to make one! (coming soon)

Shiitake Big Boy - Ready to Fruit Block


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