This is the steam generator design I used to have my custom boiler manufactured. You can take this blueprint to a local stainless steel fabricator and have it made. 

The file is a PDF with all dimensions and measurements on it. 

Price is in NZD, and with exchanges rates is usually cheaper than $30 USD, but exchange rates may vary. 

**WARNING** This blueprint is for educational purposes. All construction and operation is done at your own risk. All boiler systems must be checked by the local authority prior to use.

Below is a list of items you need to complete the build. You also want a safety water shutoff switch and a over heat protection swith.

📦 Tri clamp bulkhead for heating element and hose -
📦 Tri clamps -
📦 2500w 240v element for countries with 240v -
📦 Bulkhead to 1/2 inch adaptor for silicon steam pipe -
📦 Camlocks for fast release fittings -
📦 Silicon tube for steam pipe -
📦 Braided hose for water inlet -
📦 Stainless float valve -
📦 Triclamp cap -
📦 RTV to make a gasket for the lid -
📦 Vasaline to ensure the gasket only sticks to the body, not the lid -

Steam Generator Blueprint