Mushroom Growing Information

How to grow your Oyster Mushroom Kit
How to grow oyster mushroom kits. Italian, Velvet and Pink Oyster mushroom kits are a staple for any hobby mushroom grower. Easy to cultivate and forgiving of any mistakes. They grow quickly, you can have a fresh harvest of oysters on your plate within a couple of weeks!
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Growing Shiitake Mushrooms
Growing Shiitake Mushrooms Shiitake is a mushroom which has been cultivated on natural wood logs for thousands of years. A more recent method is to pack sawdust into bags and mix it with the Shiitake spawn. This enables people to really get...
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How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms
How to grow Oyster Mushrooms. In this guide we will take you though how to grow oyster mushrooms at home. Oyster mushroom farming is an easy and rewarding activity. Oyster mushrooms quickly grow, and in as little as 2 weeks you can have your own crop of tasty mushrooms.
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