Mushroom Farming Courses

Ever thought mushroom farming might be your thing? Wondered Just how profitable growing mushrooms really is? Well look no further!

Mushroom farming and cultivation has been increasing in popularity over the last decade. Small farms are popping up all over the globe. Not simple because it's a very interesting and easily accessible career, but because you can grow a significant amount of mushrooms in a small space. To says this is the only perk small scale mushroom farming has would simply be false. There is a multitude of different reasons small scale farming is profitable, rewarding, and a viable self employment option for the entrepreneur found wanting. 

At Oak and Spore we have an online course which focuses on the specifics of farm profitability. It shoes you how we account for all our raw substrate as costs of good sold (COGS) then how we calculate how much we need to manufacture and produce at our farm, onto how much space we needed to hit these manufacturing goals, and finally onto potential revenue available across different aspects of mushroom farming. Earning income through farming mushrooms is challenging, but with the right plan in place from the beginning you will save time, and make money. 

Why are small mushroom farms changing the way we look at food production?

There are a few reasons that small mushroom farm are often successful, and we will look at some of the main reasons here. 

  1. Low cost of startup
  2. Low COGS
  3. Often requires non technical equipment
  4. High value of product
  5. Lower shelf life of product (works in the favor of small farms)
  6. Low water requirements
  7. Can use agricultural bi-products
  8. People always need to eat

These factors make small scale mushroom farming more attractive than ever. 

If you are considering a career path in small scale mushroom farming, checkout the link below.

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