Fresh Mushroom Sales

Oak and Spore is a gourmet mushroom farm located in West Melton, New Zealand. We specialize in growing the highest quality mushroom species, focusing on Italian Oyster, Pink Oyster, Shiitake, and Coral Tooth (Often called NZ Lions Mane). We supply New Zealand with fresh gourmet and specialty mushrooms year round.

Our state-of-the-art facility has been purpose-built to produce these varieties, with a focus being on supplying the New Zealand restaurant industry with a high-quality option that the common button, brown, or portabello cannot fulfill. 

If you are a restaurant in Canterbury, the South Island, or anywhere else in New Zealand, and you are after a finer selection of mushrooms for the menu, don't hesitate to get in touch.

On the weekends our mushrooms are available from the Lyttelton Farmers Market where we have a stall selling the freshest mushrooms you can buy.

Our varieties

Italian Oyster
Having a mild flavour and earthy aroma, this is the perfect mushroom to start your fungi adventures with. It grows well, has a good shelf life for an Oyster mushroom, and greets you with a silky texture that foodies, and even people who typically don't like mushrooms can enjoy.

Italian Oyster

Pink Oyster
The pink oyster is the most challenging of all mushrooms to get onto someone's dinner plate. Having an extremely short shelf life, it's rarely seen outside of a farmer's market. It's known as the 'bacon mushroom' and it has notes of bacon in its flavour and texture when cooked. We think it ranks number one as a breakfast mushroom. 

Pink Oyster

'Shii' the name of a tree in Japanese, and 'take' meaning mushroom. This mushroom captures the 5th flavour, known as umami. It is one of the world's most produced mushrooms, making up around 25% of all production. Our shiitake is grown on sustainably sourced New Zealand wood. It is a real treat on the dinner plate or soup bowl, especially in Asian cuisine.

Shiitake Mushroom NZ

Coral Tooth
Also known as the New Zealand Lions mane, or Pekepeke Kiore, this mushroom is almost identical to the Coral Tooth mushroom from around the world, except genetically different enough to be classed as its own taxonomic species. It has a nutty aroma, and is truly a unique tasting mushroom. People have compared it to seafood or crab, but that's up for debate.

Pekepeke Oak and Spore


Italian Oysters

The perfect flavour

Pink Oysters

The bacon mushroom
Shiitake mushrooms nz


The Umami hit