Shipping Information

Oak and Spore Mushroom Farm is based at a rural address in Canterbury. This means it can take up to 1 extra working day for your parcel to be picked up by the courier driver.

All orders are sent via courier using NZ Post with a tracking number. Delivery targets are set by NZ Post, and as such the below delivery timeframes are estimates, not guarantees:

Christchurch: 2-3 working days
South Island: 2-4 working days
North Island: 3-5 working days
Rural: Add 2-3 working days to standard delivery targets

Please note that mushroom grow kits are a live product, which means that this product can only be shipped when the mycelium* inside the kit is fully colonized*.

If you see “In stock, ready to ship” on the product page – this means that the product is available to order immediately OR is ready to ship from the next working day. On some occasions, the current batch
of this product is still colonizing and may take a few extra days before it is ready to be shipped.

*mycelium: A mycelium is a network of fungal threads or hyphae. The fruiting bodies of fungi, such as mushrooms, can sprout from a mycelium.

*colonizing: Mycelium is fully colonized when the entire substrate inside the bag is covered with a dense, white, and fuzzy network of mycelial/fungal threads.