Gourmet Mushroom Growing Essentials

Welcome to Oak and Spore Mushroom Farm.

We stock a range of mushroom spawn, mushroom cultures, mushroom plugs, and substrates. We service New Zealand for anyone interested in hobby mushroom growing, and provide support for anyone who wants assistance to grow their own mushrooms at home. If you have ever thought about growing mushrooms at home, Oak and Spore is the place to begin!

We specialise in different types of mushroom and mushroom spawn, from oyster mushrooms, shiitake, shaggy mane, turkey tail, morels, and more. 

We also have a guides section which is updated weekly with information on how to grow mushrooms for yourself at home. Our guides go from the very simple, like humidity requirements from mushrooms, to the complex, like building CO2 controllers in your mushroom fruiting chamber. 

Growing mushrooms at home is a fun and exciting activity, and once you've started you won't ever stop!


shiitake mushrooms 2
Pink Oyster Mushrooms
yellow morel mushroom

Oak and Spore is active on YouTube and creates videos to help educate people on how to grow mushrooms. Checkout the YouTube link below!

  • Check out the Oak and Spore YouTube!