Oak and Spore stock a small range of equipment for mushroom growers in New Zealand, and worldwide, to invest in and use for their own mushroom farms. Check back regularly as we add new stock to what we have listed below. 

    All our equipment has previously been tested, and is known to be fit for purpose. Blueprints for equipment will require construction in the country at which you reside.


    Yes! You simply open the bag/box, spray with water to ensure they don't dry out, and mushrooms will grow!

    Generally between 1-2 weeks. Temperature plays a huge part, so in summer they will grow fast, and in winter they will grow slower. At the Oak and spore farm we crop our mushrooms in 7 days.

    No, mushrooms need some indirect light to grow. The kitchen counter or bathroom counter works great!

    Yes! Harvest the whole bunch, then keep spraying a couple of times a day, and see if you can get a second and third crop.