Mushroom Growing Kits

Mushroom Growing Kits

    Oak and Spore Mini Mushroom Farms and grow blocks are the perfect item for you to start your mushroom growing adventures with. All the hard work has been done, and these mini farms are guaranteed to grow fresh and tasty mushrooms!

    Our farms come sterilized, inoculated, and incubated, and ready to grow mushrooms. 

    We specialize in two kits, the Italian oyster, and the Pink oyster. We supply these style kits for two main reasons. The first being they are easy to grow at home, and the second is the yeild of mushrooms are of a good size. More diffcicult types of mushrooms, shiitake and hereicum, can often post a challenge to beginners, and failure is common with these species. 

    We offer two different sizes. Commercial, and Mini Mushroom Farms. The commercial blocks are the ones we use here at Oak and Spore to produce our mushrooms with. Commercial blocks will grow in excess of 1kg over two flushes, with people getting much higher if they third and fourth flush them. Mini blocks will grow up to a kg, and are of a more compact size and are less intrusive.  

    Give them a shot to grow mushrooms at home, or they make an amazing gift for the avid gardener or home hobbyist.


    Yes! You simply open the bag/box, spray with water to ensure they don't dry out, and mushrooms will grow!

    Generally between 1-2 weeks. Temperature plays a huge part, so in summer they will grow fast, and in winter they will grow slower. At the Oak and spore farm we crop our mushrooms in 7 days.

    No, mushrooms need some indirect light to grow. The kitchen counter or bathroom counter works great!

    Yes! Harvest the whole bunch, then keep spraying a couple of times a day, and see if you can get a second and third crop.