Let Love Bloom With An Oak & Spore Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit!

Spread the love with our easy to grow Pink Oyster Mushroom Kits (card included!) this Valentine's Day!

Step One:

Order your Oak & Spore Pink Oyster kit

Step Two:

Give a gift of love that grows with a mushroom-inspired Valentine's card to match

Step Three:

Watch it blossom and enjoy gourmet mushrooms!

Skip The Usual Bouquet, Here's A Better Way To Show Your Love

This year, forget the traditional bouquets and chocolate boxes.

Get your special someone something to grow their love with - an Oak & Spore Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit!

Our ready-to-fruit Pink Oyster mushroom grow kits are cultivated in our sustainable mushroom farm in Canterbury. We only use the finest grains and by-products sourced in New Zealand to craft high quality farm blocks that produce fresh, umami-rich gourmet mushrooms.

We’d never compromise on quality, especially when it comes to an occasion like Valentines Day!

In three easy steps, you can harvest up to 800 grams of ready to cook Pink Oyster mushrooms. Known for its hints of seafood and rich meaty taste, Pink Oyster mushroom or “bacon mushroom” has become an ultimate favorite ingredient in gourmets and various cuisines.

Just like love, these mushrooms will bloom with time and care. Growing these mushrooms will be an adventure and an experience like no other. And, unlike flowers, these mushrooms won’t wilt away any time soon. In fact, they sometimes grow stronger with time (our customers have reported up to five flushes of mushrooms!)

What Makes Pink Oyster Mushrooms The Perfect Valentine's Gift?

  • They're easy to maintain; even your non-green-thumb lover will be able to get the hang of it!
  • Once they’re in full bloom, you get to enjoy the delicious bacon-like flavour of Pink Oyster mushrooms over an ever romantic dinner.
  • In three easy steps, you can harvest up to 800 grams of fresh, umami-rich gourmet mushrooms - no complex process or rigorous sterilisation needed!
  • They’re also a great activity to do together; you can both have fun and bond in the process.
  • They're as pretty as a bouquet of roses and will last much longer too.
  • You can have fun experimenting with various recipes, from mushroom pasta to creamy mushroom soups.

If you’re looking for a unique gift to show your love this Valentine’s Day, our Pink Oyster Mushroom Kit is the perfect choice. Order a kit now and show just how mush you care. We’ll even throw in a free mushroom-inspired Valentines card to make the day that much more special.

Here’s what a few of our Oak & Spore customers have to say about their Pink Oyster kits:

Bought two kits for Christmas presents and recipients absolutely thrilled and couldn’t wait to get them started - excellent communication with regard to delivery and nicely presented making it a wonderful gift - just wishing I had ordered myself one at the time!


Another fantastic feast of mushrooms! These kits are fantastic. I’ve had three of them and they don’t disappoint! So amazing how quickly they grow. I had mushrooms on toast today and they were so yummy!


The mushroom media arrived packed in it's box and complete with excellent instructions. I followed the instructions and voila, we had a beautiful crop of pink mushrooms in a week!! I Googled recipes and settled on pan frying with garlic and thyme. Beautiful!!! I highly recommend this product and will definitely be ordering again.