Mushroom Growing Bags

Mushroom Growing Bags

    Oak and Spore stock high quality mushroom growing bags for New Zealand. 

    These grow bags are used in the production of mushrooms, are are designed to hold inoculated substrate. You simply fill the bags with substrate, sterilize, inoculate, incubate, then cut a hole in the bag when it's time to fruit. The mushrooms will grow out of the side of the bag and you will get a high quality crop. 

    They are autoclavable and resistant to tearing. All mushroom grow bags have a natural failure rate, as we have found these bags to have the lowest rates of all the bags we've used. 

    Our bags are sold in lots of 10 or 100.


    Yes! You simply open the bag/box, spray with water to ensure they don't dry out, and mushrooms will grow!

    Generally between 1-2 weeks. Temperature plays a huge part, so in summer they will grow fast, and in winter they will grow slower. At the Oak and spore farm we crop our mushrooms in 7 days.

    No, mushrooms need some indirect light to grow. The kitchen counter or bathroom counter works great!

    Yes! Harvest the whole bunch, then keep spraying a couple of times a day, and see if you can get a second and third crop.